Additional Services

A full suite of cleaning services, managed seamlessly to support to support your organisation

Window Cleaning

Not all cleaners are experts on glass. Our specialists have the right equipment to service everything from your office partitions through to stadiums.

Recommended as part of a scheduled maintenance programme.

Carpet Cleaning

Part of our programmed maintenance service, regular carpet cleaning ensures your floors are hygienic and your building fittings are maintained.

Our technicians use the latest technology and offer flexible scheduling so there’s no downtime.

Chemical Dispensers

Innovative, award winning chemicals and dispensing systems offering precise dosing, less manual handling and reduced cleaning costs.

Our experts make it easy to buy local and support Australian manufacturing.

Vinyl Floor Resurfacing

If you have tired, old vinyl floors, we can revitalise them without the need for stripping and re sealing.

Dr Schutz is a great option to extend the life of your floors or renew them instead of replacing – for a fraction of the price of replacement.

Hard Floor Polishing

Removing ground in grime from high traffic areas gives a sparkling and hygienic result you cant get from a mop.

Recommended as a regular supplement to your routine clean for high traffic hard floor areas.

Fleet Sanitation

Ideal for car service departments, taxis and home care fleets, where there’s a high risk of cross contamination from multiple touch points within a vehicle.

We provide sanitising services and products.

Pressure Washing

A programmed maintenance service to freshen up exterior walls, grounds and furniture.

Hot pressure washing can also be effective in change rooms and showers, as well as on wheelie bins.

Urinal Descaling

Over time, uric acid causes calcium build up which leads to ugly stains and nasty odours. Using biotech solutions, our trained technicians can remove the scale build up, improving visual appearance and fixing the smell.

Ideal for schools, gyms, sports clubs and public buildings.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Periodic heavy duty hygiene cleans are a must for gyms, schools and sports clubs, where sweat, blood and bodily fluids pool and mopping alone can not remove tough build up. We deep scrub, disinfect and offer tile and grout cleaning to hygienically remove mould and residue.

Cleaning Services

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