Cleaning Advisory

Infection Prevention and Control programs to keep your workplace safe.

If your workplace is being cleaned when you're not there, you need systems in place to ensure you are getting what you pay for. When it comes to infection prevention and control in your workplace, hygiene should not be a purely price based decision. Our 'no nonsense’ tools are ideal for SME organisations who want better engagement with their cleaners, to ensure consistent cleaning quality and a healthy workplace.

  • Operating Procedures

    Is your current cleaning process best practice to keep you safe? Are your cleaners taking steps to avoid cross contaminated equipment and using fit for purpose chemicals on your site? We help businesses to set expectations with their cleaning contractor and create a framework for ongoing monitoring.

  • Cleaning Programs

    Cleaning is one of the most regular services businesses procure and the most vital for the health and well being of your staff. An appropriate scope sets expectation between your organisation and your cleaners, then forms the basis of your cleaning audit process.

  • Essential Equipment

    Ensuring equipment is correctly maintained and sanitised is a critical part of the infection prevention process. Providing mops, cloths and PPE for exclusive use at your workplace helps avoid cross contamination and supplies of detergents and disinfectants are essential to help your staff maintain routine hygiene.

  • Cleaning Audits

    Our experienced technicians holding Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certifications (IICRC), conduct a 4 Step Audit, based on Victorian Health Guidelines. This includes a visual inspection of 20+ key areas within your workplace and review of the resources, systems and responsibilities in place for ongoing quality assurance.

Implement a thorough and routine cleaning process that protects staff and visitors.

When management of cleaning is based on what ‘looks clean’, the result is often unmet expectations.  Common issues include:

A high turnover of cleaners.

Damage to floors and polished surfaces from incorrect chemical use

Ineffective sanitising

Dirty and unhygienic mops and cloths 

With over 10 years of experience managing cleaning contractors and delivering specialist cleaning services,
we make it easy to monitor the vital work being done in your workplace. 

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