Precise Dosing Systems for your Commercial Dishwasher

Hagleitner – integral 4PLUS

Introducing the Hagleitner - Integral4PLUS

Stress-free cleaning.

24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year.

Imagine: your dishwasher is working alone. Brilliant glasses and clean dishes – without interruptions. How do you like this idea? Hagleitner likes it. That is the reason they invented integral 4PLUS: a dosing system so intelligent, that all your dishwasher troubles are gone.

integral 4 PLUS combines a highly concentrated cleaner for dishes and glasses, highly concentrated rinse-aid and an innovative dosing system. All managed with a brand new app so you can see what’s happening from anywhere.

Hagleitner’s concentrated chemistry:

Just 4kg: that is how much liquid cleaner is needed to clean up to 1,500 baskets full of pots, pans, plates, cutlery and glasses.

TCCS supply and install Hagleitner systems around Melbourne with the support of Australian distributor Peerless Jal.

The benefits

Space Saving.

Convenient wall or under-the-counter mounting keep chemicals out of the way


Just one cleaner gives sparkling results on dishes and glasses.


The Hagleitner App assures you are in control. Ensuring clean dishes – without interruptions.


4 kg of cleaner is able to clean up to 1,500 baskets – thanks to a patented formula.

Highly concentrated.

Less weight, less reordering and more space in your storage area.

Correct dilution rates.

Water and cleaning agents are systematically mixed in the correct proportions.

Never empty.

With a reserve tank, you wont miss a beat during busy service.

Safe for your staff.

Fully sealed units ensure there are no splashes or spills and manual handling of bulky packaging is now a thing of the past.

Total Commercial Cleaning Solutions also supply the integral 2Go cleaning system, for infection control and prevention in your hospitality venue.
Includes TGA approved disinfectant for use against COVID-19.


Less weight, less reordering – more space in your storage area


Product mix-ups are impossible

Stress-free cleaning

The App helps you act before anything goes wrong

Why choose 4PLUS App

Stress-free cleaning thanks to the integral 4PLUS App, the App helps you acts before anything goes wrong.

The App notifies you.

Or the desalination? The App notifies you on time.

Just wipe them up.

How many dishes are washed? How much
chemical volume does it consume? How much water and energy is used?

Current – with all values so you can manage your costs. Via PDF to your inbox as required.

Compare one time period to another to plan for the future more efficiently.

The washing guide has tips for you.

Choose what’s right for you