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Why use a licensed commercial cleaner?

Any commercial cleaning company sending staff to your workplace in Victoria must now be registered.    If you’re a business, a body corporate or an organisation that engages cleaners within a commercial premise, you need to be aware that you could be liable for a fine of up to $500,000 for using an unlicensed provider.

The scheme was established in response to the Victorian Inquiry into the Labour Hire Industry and Insecure Work which uncovered widespread abuse and exploitation of labour hire workers across Victoria.  The scheme seeks to achieve a level playing field, such that reputable providers do not face unfair competition from unscrupulous operators and workers are not subject to exploitation. Licensees must report annually on their activities.

Commercial Cleaning (along with Horticulture and Meat Processing) is an industry which has been deemed as labour hire, regardless of whether staff are employed, contracted or engaged to work at client sites.  This means commercial cleaning companies managing staff or contractors on client sites must register under the scheme.

This has caught a number of businesses by surprise and we recommend you check if your current cleaner is compliant asap.  If they aren’t, they can’t trade until they are. or they are putting you at risk.

We support initiatives to enhance the professionalism of our industry and TCCS (along with our Facilities Management parent You’re Covered), are registered because our clients value peace of mind.

Find out more here: https://labourhireauthority.vic.gov.au/provider/industries-where-the-supply-of-workers-is-taken-to-be-labour-hire/

Is your current cleaner registered?  Check here. https://register.labourhireauthority.vic.gov.au/

Published 16.4.20

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